Food for thought

Food for thought

The next time you go to dining restaurants on campus you’ll see a lot more apples. The apple icons promote a new program called Mindful. Kent State University Dining Services’ appetite calls for healthier food.

My beat is Food Services and Nutrition. My beat involves people eating food. I would categorize my beat as fun and creative. Twenty-four dining halls on Kent State University’s campus can lead to great stories.

My key decision makers share knowledge on the subject of my beat. Sue Huzvar, Kent State Univeristy’s Dining Services Manager for Eastway, share information about how dining services makes healthier options for students on campus. Megan Cascaldo, University Dining Services Dietitian, says Kent State transforms their markets to make gluten-free options for students with allergies.  Jamie Matthews, lecturer for health science classes, is also a Volunteer Coordinator for the Nutrition Outreach program.

I gained so much information after talking to my key decision makers about my beat. I can think of some interesting story ideas for this semester.

Mindful, the program launches Feb. 1, will be my first story. Huzvar says Kent State’s campus changes food options to benefit students. Apple icons appear on menus by the food students eat.

A possible story idea came from Matthews’ interview. I want to do a story on the Nutrition Outreach program at Kent State University.  A weight loss group on campus can be another story idea.

The Fork in the Road food truck calls for attention. This story would have great quality for video and audio.

I would love to do a profile on one woman who makes all the treats for Eastway’s dining hall. Her name is Susan and she makes the treats all by herself. I think this would be an interesting profile to see how she makes these treats for a university campus.

Kent State University’s add gluten-free products in the markets on campus to gluten-free products. These food items mainly help students with gluten allergies. Cascaldo says gluten free products are hot on the market and students need the options.

Matthews teaches a class on campus to help students and faculty see nutrition in foods. The class is called Nutrition Outreach: A How to for long life healthy eating. This story idea would be fun to do as a project. The novelty about this idea allows students and faculty to learn about what they eat and the food’s health value.

Veggie A Go-Go, dining services program, serves vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. Eastway Café and Prentice Café hold the program. Cascaldo advises students to call ahead and wait an hour for the food to be cooked. The food is delivered to students. This is another option for students to choose food they want to eat.

I have many more story ideas for this semester. I love my beat and I can’t wait to get started. This beat allows me to have a creative view on the stories I will produce.


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