Excellence in Action means Diversity & Equality

Excellence in Action means Diversity & Equality

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When you step onto the Kent State University campus and see the familiar motto, “Excellence in Action”,  You may ask yourself, “What defines and facilitates Excellence in Action?”

The division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion defines diversity as
The presence of difference. That’s where Heather Adams and her teams come in.

Heather Adams is the executive director of the Woman’s Center, LGBTQ Student Center and SERVS, The Office of Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Service.

These three centers host a variety of campus initiatives to pursue positive changes in representation and safety and provide services, education and programming on a variety of different issues that pertain to women, LGBTQ and other minority groups.

This beat’s goal is to elaborate on current events such as the LGBTQ Center’s search for a new director, a new sexual violence bystander awareness program called Green Dot, special guest speakers like and other special events.

Furthermore, this beat seeks to understand broader issues such as the rapid loss of reproductive rights in the state of Ohio, the consequences of gender roles on  women in higher education and the increased interest in feminism by both men and women.

To properly judge the excellence of this educational institution, we will take a closer look at how and how all groups represented at Kent State University, thereby reinstating the motto “Excellence in Action”, an action rather than an ideal.


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