Closing Time For the Dorms

Closing Time For the Dorms


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The end of the year mean so much for students. Finals and final project are due. They are trying to find internships and summer jobs. They are saying good-bye to the friends they made. And for students living in the residence halls it means going through the university’s closing procedure.

Picture #1
Students in some dorms are required to bunk their beds.

Kent State University has a step by step process that they want students to follow  when moving out of the dorms. The first step is to schedule a move out time with a Residence Assistant or RA, 24- hours after your last final. For some students like sophomore Fashion major Kaycee Criss this is a problem.

“I think it’s really inconvenient. My parents both work full time jobs that it’s really hard for them to schedule off to come and pick me up from school”  

The next step students in certain dorms must complete is bunking their beds.  Kent State hosts many conferences during the summer that use some of the dorms, and those are the dorms that need to have the beds bunked.Students who live in those certain dorms who have to bunk the beds see it as a burden.

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Once they are done rearranging their rooms to bunk their beds then students have to worry about getting all their stuff out of their room before they bring an RA to their room. Nick Peters who is a RA in Olson Hall says this is something a lot of students do not understand.

“A lot of people necessarily don’t understand that we can’t check the room if there’s still stuff in it”

After all the stuff they brought and have collected over the year is out of their room a RA comes to their room and checks for damages and makes sure nothing is missing. If there is no damages and everything is there then that student is good to go home and doesn’t have to worry anymore. But, if there is a significant damage, not just a paint chip, or if something is missing than that will get charged and will have to pay that. The move out process could get expensive if there are damages and even if the process is not done right. In an email sent to her students, one RA says, “Remember, improper checkouts will result in a $25 charge!”

Picture #2
In order to bunk their beds, students must rearrange their whole room.

Of course, the Residence Hall Directors are not trying to make money off move out, they just want to make sure students are actually doing the things they need to. Diane Platton, Residence Director in Lake and Olson Halls says, “Our goal is to make it as little worry as possible. We want them to be able to just check out and go home and be done for the year.” So to the students who live on campus; study hard, use up the hundreds of dollars you have left in meal plan, make sure you check out properly and enjoy your summer because in four short months you’ll be right back here.

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