Career Expo Shapes Future

Career Expo Shapes Future



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As the end of the semester approaches students are frantically looking for summer internships. This past Friday hundreds of students flocked to one location in Cleveland for a leg up on the competition. Jake Young has the story…

On March 6th, the College of Communication and Information held their third annual career Expo day at the Cleveland Convention Center.

The Career Expo attracted more than 150 students ranging from sophomore to senior year as well as 35 of the leading communication oriented employers throughout Northeast Ohio.

Undergraduate program coordinator for JMC, Greg Blasé, understands the extraordinary opportunity being presented to the students.

Blasé, “We hope that students walk away from here with a lot of different things: contact for internships, ideas for how to make their resumes better, potential job offers if they’re graduating. Its just a big benefit for students.”

Jake, “This is the 3rd time the career expo has come here to Kent State, and meeting your future employer could be as easy as sitting down and saying your name.”

Some of the different employers present were Time Warner Cable, The Akron Beacon Journal and CBS Radio.

Junior Advertising Major, Spencer Smith took the experience head on, realizing how fortunate Kent State students are for this opportunity.

Spencer, ” Where else can you go and meet with 36 other companies to get working opportunities, internships and even careers. They are specially tailored to JMC, communication, VCD so its all people that are looking for what you are interested in doing.”

Hundreds of undergraduates will eagerly wait to hear back from these organizations hoping for a chance to work at their side.

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