Bus service headache for students

Bus service headache for students


PARTA bus Service lets Kent State students zip around campus to get from class to class, building to building and parking lot to parking lot. It’s the University way of giving the students on and off campus transportation to over 50 bus stops and destinations. However, the promise that these buses come every 6-12 minutes isn’t always true. Just ask Kent State student David Nix.


Stand Up: You can catch the bus here here at the campus center however you never have any real way of knowing of how long you will wait for the bus you need to come and that could make students late for class.



As the day progresses the buses are scheduled to be more sporadic to meet demand. However as you can see here with the only two 58 Summit east busses running behind each other leads to really only one bus running and leaving students like Sarah Yeager waiting for another bus


Parta drivers will stay stopped for students they see running after the bus


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