Bursar Goes Abroad

Bursar Goes Abroad

Class in another country can be costly. Kent State’s education abroad programs are quite popular but the cost is not always as glamorous. Henna Thornberry has the details.

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Study abroad can be a very appealing program for most college students. It is a way to obtain a global perspective and have a memorable experience but paying for it can be an issue.

Director of Study Abroad Advising Amber Bollinger said that studying abroad at Kent State University really does not have to be expensive, it just depends on the program the student chooses and where it is. Some programs such as the Florence Summer Institute is comparable to Kent State’s tuition for a normal semester, or the same cost to take summer classes and the plane ticket is added to that. Meals are also not included in the price for the Florence Program but lodging is. Programs can range anywhere from $5,000 over Kent State’s tuition for a semester to $5,000 under with various factors considered.

Bollinger said she still encourages students to go despite the potential cost.

“It’s an investment in your future,” Bollinger said.

All fees for studying abroad are submitted to the students’ bursar’s accounts; where students’ normal fees are sent to be paid off. Bollinger said any financial aid that a student receives to study at Kent State can be applied to study abroad as well, she also provided a long list of scholarships. Still, some students remain nervous because it is essentially an extra fee, and a big one. Bollinger said her department works hard to help students find a program that best suits their financial status, so that no one is denied an opportunity to participate.

Kent State has a numerous amount of study abroad programs that range from 10 days abroad with a class, a month over the summer to a year in another country. Students have a wide range to choose from when it comes to the program, length, country and type. Director of Education Abroad Advising at Kent State says that there are many opportunities for students to go abroad and the number has increased significantly. She said just 5 years ago only about 420 students participated in study abroad annually and that number has now increased to more than double. More and more students are interested but she said that rumors it is expensive, still keep some at bay.

Bollinger said her department is working on a series of myth busting sessions to promote awareness that study abroad can be affordable.






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