Bowling Provides Opportunity

Bowling Provides Opportunity

Anchor: While the PTC may be know for football in the Fall, there is one sport that manages to draw huge crowds despite being under the radar.

Co-Anchor: TV2’s Max Fleck has one that sport is, and what makes it so special




While the residents of Portage Countys love of sports like football and basketball is well documented, one sport is still able to garner waves of fans while being a bit off the radar… bowling.


Bowling is different than any other sport in the PTC because anyone can do it. Senior Crestwood Bowler Jake Yeattes has been bowling for 9 years, and while he says hes just average at everything else, he can be great at bowling.


That’s what makes this sport great for student athletes, it gives them a chance to be a part of a team even if they’re not the best at other sports. Susan Jenier the PTC Bowling Director loves the fact that anybody can bowl and just be a part of the team.


Even with the emphasis on the fact that anyone can do it, the competition does not get lost. The Crestwood Red Devils head bowling coach Sean Dockery remembers winning 4 PTC championships in a row when he was in high school and strives to keep that tradition alive.


For Broadcast beat reporting, I’m Max Fleck

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