BFA Senior Dance Concert

BFA Senior Dance Concert

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Preparing since August, the annual BFA Senior Dance Concert and Student Dance Festival was this past weekend.  Raven Fulton has the story of the seniors last showcase.


The five BFA seniors, along with a few juniors, showcased their original work this past weekend at the BFA  Dance Concert: Impulse. After four years, this was their last showcase of their college careers.

This is Barbara Verlezza, she is BFA faculty Artistic Director and she has been with the girls since the first year of the program.

BARBARA VERLEZZA: ” I can’t explain how satisfying it is to see them come to a point tonight where not only are we launching them into the next chapter of their lives, but to have that memory of what it’s like… it’s kinda like having your children, a little bit different and I’ve raised two, but in a way it is because we really nurture them through the four years and this is where they really get to fly.”

SATND UP: The BFA showcase and program isn’t just about the dancing. This program has prepared these girls for whats beyond graduation.

Roberta Bailey, one of the seniors, feels the BFA Dance Performance program, here at Kent, has had a life changing affect on her.

ROBERTA BAILEY: ” That love that they have given me the last four years, has really… it’s shaped who I am and its also given me the confidence to… you know… be everything I can be after this.”

As the seniors take their last bows together for the BFA concert, they will take all they have learned and leap into the real world.

For TV2 KSU I’m Raven Fulton


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