A Sudden Change in Life

A Sudden Change in Life

One Kent State Student has developed a severe medical condition called spontaneous pneomothorax TV’s Kristie Graybill tells us how he’s handling this knowledge.

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There are some medical conditions that can be prevented and treated; spontaneous pneumothorax is not one of them. There is no know way to prevent spontaneous pneumothorax but as soon as it occurs the victim will need emergency medical attention.

Jon Reisdorf has experienced a near death experience and change his view on life since.


Jon Reisdorf found out he had spontaneous pneumothorax during Boy Scout summer camp.

“It felt like someone stabbed me in the back, felt like the most painful thing I’ve ever experience in my entire life…I started to think I may not have a tomorrow,” Said Jon Reisdorf.

The emergency medics were on the scene with a breathing machine to help Reisdorf control his breathing. A spontaneous pneumothorax means that one of your lungs has collapse and this can quickly cause your other lung and vessels to collapse from the pressure if it goes untreated. EMT’s are able to recognize the condition but there is no way of preventing another attack.  If you have a collapse lung you are highly more likely to have another one if you are tall and thin.

According to Sara Simera, Kent social worker, people with life-threatening health conditions are likely to change their lifestyles. They will look at life in a long term way to leave behind something when they are eventually gone.

“They think about death and dying more than people without a diagnosis, that can often change a viewpoint,” Said Simera.

Living with spontaneous pneumothorax means living with the knowledge that it can happen again, at any moment. Reisdorf recognizes this and has changed his lifestyle to allow a more positive outlook.

“I should just do thing and enjoy myself and not really worry about what’s going on in a few weeks because a few weeks isn’t necessarily guaranteed,” Said Reisdorf.

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