A scholarship in a bar

A scholarship in a bar


Anchor Intro: When you think of Ray’s Place you probably think of the drinks and great atmosphere it has to offer, but did you know it can help you financially? TV2’s Jarrod Evangelist explains.

Ray’s Place Owner  Charlie Thomas knows the difficulties of paying your way through school.

Thomas supported himself financially when he was a student and received a $300 scholarship. He remembered how important it was to him and wanted to give back to his alma mater.

The College of Business Administration reached out to Thomas and created the “Ray’s Place Entrepreneurship Scholarship.”

The $1,000 scholarship is for students in the entrepreneurship program.

Recent recipient of the scholarship Brian Bowles says the scholarship saved his academic career.

“If I didn’t get any type of scholarship then I would just stop going. It was a huge weight off the shoulders,” Bowles said.

Charlie Thomas wants to get the scholarship funds up to $3,000.

Students who apply for this yearly scholarship must be a junior or senior and have at minimum of a 2.6 GPA with a job of 15 hours a week.

Marketing majors are also welcome to apply.

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