A Look into the Liquid Crystal Institute

A Look into the Liquid Crystal Institute

Anchor: Every time you use a TV, a calculator, or a digital watch, you are using LCD technology that was first developed right here at Kent State University. This year, the Liquid Crystal Institute is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Reporter Gabrielle Payne has more on the students and staff behind the scientific discoveries.


The world renowned Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University has made immense contributions to science since its opening in 1965.

Today, the institute continues to be a hub of scientific discovery. Many students and staff members spend countless hours in the labs. They are developing new research and even creating their own liquid crystal technology.

Graduate student Nik Glazer is currently working on the world’s first liquid crystal Heads Up Display. He says his passion for science began at a very young age.

“What do I love about physics? That it’s how everything works! It explains everything, you know, if you have an idea or a thought about something, and you think about it. Physics has the answers for a lot of things.”

While scientists may be known for having a very strict and serious reputation, graduate student Nik Glazer is no ordinary scientist. He has a unique way of staying entertained in the lab and keeping those ideas rolling.

Even after a long day of lab work, Nik says he loves his job and still finds time for fun.

“Yes, I do unicycle around the building. It takes 40 hours to learn, you have to get up on this thing, you fall down a lot of times, and even to stand up on it is a difficult task.”

The researchers of the Liquid Crystal Institute are paving the way for a lighter, brighter future.

For Broadcast Beat Reporting, I’m Gabrielle Payne.




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