Delta Zeta pummels peer pressure

Delta Zeta pummels peer pressure

A Kent State sorority educates students on the dangers of drunk driving through more ways than one. Julie Selby has the story.

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Not everyone drinks alcohol in college.

That is a message that Kent State sorority Delta Zeta is trying to spread through their annual I Have A Choice Week.

From October 19th to October 25th, Delta Zeta is spreading awareness of the dangers of alcohol and peer pressure.

Since 2006, the sorority educates students through pamphlets, statistics, and graphs in support to the National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week.

This is the second year of I Have A Choice Week for Community Resource Officer Michquel Penn and she brought the fun.

We’re doing demonstrations with the beer goggles,” Penn said. “It is fun, it gets people to laugh.”

Beer goggles impair the vision of the wearer to simulate different intensities of drunkenness.

The beer goggles may be the funnest part of I Have A Choice Week, but the main focus of the event is preventing the dangerous risk of driving drunk and alcohol poisoning.

About 73% of college students do not drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Luckily, Kent State fits the bill for this percentage says Coordinator Student Health Promotions Scott Dotterer.

“When you look at statistics, the good news is a majority of students here at Kent State who do drink are not involved in the drinking and driving,” Dotterer said. “The bad news is, there’s always going to be some students sometimes that end up drinking and their not getting a designated driver and problems can occur.”

Every 90 seconds, someone is injured by a drunk driver.

Risk Manager of Delta Zeta, Kalene Capilongo, says knowing someone who died from drunk driving puts the danger in perspective.

“One of our sister’s friend over the summer, her brother died from drunk driving,” Capilongo said. “She actually made us a video of like, about her story, and how it effected her life and I think it really hit home for a lot of girls.”

Delta Zeta’s attendance numbers for I Have A Choice Week continue to climb every year as they hope to expand the event around campus next year.

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