The Cost of Parking

The Cost of Parking


Kent State’s parking services is the enemy in the opinion of most students.

The yellow parking ticket under the windshield leaves students in complete misery, but that ticket means more than most people think.

I spoke with Parking Service Manager Larry Emling about what the tickets do and how they benefit campus. Emling said that parking services is a complete auxiliary operation, meaning they are self-supporting.

The university does not set aside a budget for parking and transportation needs. An example would be the 1.5 million dollar project to completely redo the music and speech parking lot. Emling said they got the money for this project from parking ticket fees and parking permit fees.

Parking services also uses this money to maintain contracts with plowing companies to remove snow out of campus parking lots. Students do not understand the amount of money it costs for snow removal.

Parking services also establishes contracts with local churches to provide alternate parking options for commuting students.

As you can see, parking tickets are more than just a parking violation. I’m Zachary Downes for Broadcast Beat Reporting.


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