Technology and Fashion Collide

Technology and Fashion Collide


A place where Fashion and technology meet half way on the runway is the TechStyle Lab at Kent State University. Students can create a digital product and print it in the same room.

What makes this lab unique? Located on the second floor of Rockwell Hall, it houses machines that give your eyes a show as it finishes your final product. Inside the lab there is a 3-D printer, a laser cutter, and a digital fabric printer.

Do you dislike the feeling of measuring tape across your skin? Meet the 3-D BodyScanner. By grabbing two handles inside of a black box and a few camera snaps,measurements are presented to you on a screen. Measurements come out accurate by the press of a button!

The lab is open to students and members of the community as well. Learn more by visiting the lab in Rockwell Hall and creating an object on the 3-D printer.


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