Student Finds Niche

Student Finds Niche

Living in a new country can be a difficult transition. Spiros Tempelis has more on how one student is acclimating here at Kent State, and what the University is doing to help.


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The accent says it all.

Or at least narrows it down a bit.

Tasha McDonnell is one of 14 international students here at Kent State from Great Britain. Specifically, Tasha hails from Liverpool, England. She’ll be studying Math here for one year.

For an international student, there are adjustments that must be made when living in a new country. There are differences in things all the way from driving laws, to the style of American Curriculum.

Now Tasha doesn’t drive, but the American style of school has been a bit of a change for her.

Even after acclimating to a new style of schooling students like Tasha are faced with more challenges; finding their way, and finding friends. But with a step in the right direction, Tasha has landed herself a job.

Here at Kent State there are a total of 2,668 international students. Accommodating for each and every one of these students is a challenge.

So those here at Kent State and the Office of Global Education coordinate events to help break the ice for many. Day trips to various US cities, coordinated socials on campus, and cultural cafés which feature ethnic cuisine from around the world, are only a few of the events held for internationals.

Happy students, means a good retention rate.

A good retention rate, means a happy university.

It’s Kent State’s goal that every international student finds his/her place here, as smoothly as Tasha has.

For Tv2 KSU I’m Spiros Tempelis.

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