Learn to Play With a Friend

Learn to Play With a Friend

Recent transfer student TJ West joined Kent’s Learn to Skate program. He expected decent pay but got more than expected.

[bbrvideo width=”350″ float=”left” caption=”Kent States Learn to Skate program helps local children and their coaches develop skills and relationships.” ]BBR_04_Graybill_Hockey[/bbrvideo]

Kent has been employing members of their hockey team for years to train young local children in the sport of hockey.

The connection that the children get from their Graybill.Still001coaches is more than just any average connection.

“I feel like I’m their dad your something because I want them to do well and when they do well it makes me happy,” Said TJ West.

TJ joined a few months ago and since then says he developed a relationship with his kids that goes beyond just a simple job.

Jim Underwood, assistant manager of the rink explained that Ohio is not a big hockey state which means to play collegiate hockey one must start at a very young age. They have to begin their training around age five if they want to develop proper skills to become a college athlete.

TJ is one of four to five hockey players that are employed each semester to work with developing muscle memory and training local children to prepare them for college hockey.

“These kids they can look up to those college players and kind of be a mentor and really something to strive for,” Said Jim Underwood.

Underwood has been with the program for over nine years and believes this is the best way to teach children hockey. The program not only develops hockey skills but it also develops relationships between the coaches and children.

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