KSU FAB-Stress Less Event

KSU FAB-Stress Less Event

On the second floor of the Student Center, members on the Flash Activities Board (FAB) hosted a “stress less, for success” event for students to relax.

KSU ladies, waiting for their nails to dry.

The purpose of Thursday night’s event was to welcome and pamper KSU students preparing for finals week. Some of the relaxation stations included: massages, yoga and “adult coloring” sessions.

Presentations, essays, and exams oh my! As finals week approaches, some students are making time for relaxation.  
Tv2 Reporter, Kendra Hughley has the story.

Massage Therapist, Julie Meluch says there are benefits to “minute-massages.”

The benefits of getting a massage even just a quick 10-15 minute massage is that the muscles will relax.”

Julie Meluch, Sante massage therapy, Kent Oh.

Overall, students agreed that the stress-free event served its purpose.

A “Sock-Snowman”, made by a KSU Student.

The next FAB event will be January 16, 2020. For more information, visit their website or follow them on Instagram @FAB_KSU.

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