Kent Honors Veterans

Kent Honors Veterans

With Veterans day upon us, it is time to honor and remember those who fought for our freedom and for the past 40+ years Kent State has always done its part to honor those veterans. This year is no different, not only is Kent recognizing this special day by closing down the campus on Tuesday November 4, 2014 but they are also having their Annual Veterans Day Program. TV2’S Kayla Hodge is here with more details on this special event.

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Every year at Kent, the school recognizes Veterans day. Not just by closing down campus, but by having a Veterans Day Program in which to honor those Veterans who served and to also specifically honor the Veterans who are here at Kent.

Most of the scheduling of the event comes down to the campus schedule and campus events. The school cannot have the Veterans Day Celebration on Veterans Day because the school is closed and there are no classes. A date is chosen either a few days before or after veterans day, and typically Thursday’s are the best day to have events on campus because they are able to get more attendance on that day, due to the emending weekend.

This special program is put together by not only the department of Adult and Veteran affairs here at Kent but The Kent State Veterans Club is involved as well. The Kent Veterans club has been active on campus for over 40years, and serves as a way to get the over 500 or more veterans on Kent’s campus a way to connect.

Dawn Plug, the Vice President of Adult and Veteran Affairs here at Kent works closely with the veterans throughout their time here, in order to ensure that they are getting through classes properly and are adjusting to life here on campus.

Plug along with the Veterans club play a major role in getting ready for the Veterans Day Program. They have been meeting the past few weeks to plan and organize this special day. They make decisions on many things from who the keynote speaker should be, all they way to what kind of cookies to serve at the invite only lunch.

The program starts with a welcome by the intro speaker Lieutenant Kernel Finklestien a leader in the ROTC Program. Followed singing of the national anthem and an invocation by Rev. Friend, a flag raising ceremony, followed by remarks from President Beverly Warren. Brief 10-15min remarks by a special guest speaker, Lieutenant Flanery. The last portion of the event consists of playing the service melody of songs, while recognizing the various branches of the military, light refreshments in the KIVA and lastly and invite only lunch for vets.

Kent State has always had a special dedication to veterans and year after year the school does its best to show their appreciation. Kent will continue to honor its veterans and provide a safe and welcoming community for them here on campus.

For TV2 News I’m Kayla Hodge

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