An Unlikely Group of Decision Makers and their Petit Chef

An Unlikely Group of Decision Makers and their Petit Chef

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The decision makers…The people in charge of making the decisions no one else wants to make, and their small, blonde leader. President Beverly Warren has come to Kent State University and managed to do what past President Lester Lefton couldn’t do his whole Presidency.

Beloved by faculty and staff for her attempts to create a campus community and on going attempts to remain as accessible as possible than any who have come before her, President Warren keeps everyone on their toes. From the students she barely reaches shoulder level on to the faculty she resides over Beverly Warren was, in many opinions, “Just what Kent State needed”.

However, the decisions she’s able to make are only agreed upon or objected by a group of unlikely individuals.

Okay.. So this where I loose points. I procrastinated….I did….and trust me I’m feeling it, but I had planned on going to President Warrens Press Conference with a few student media leaders, However due to class cancellations for tomorrow, my meeting with her and Mr. Mansfield got cancelled as well. I’ll be contacting him again tomorrow to set up my interviews again for this week… My fault

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