An Overview of Kent Roosevelt HS

An Overview of Kent Roosevelt HS

Rigor, relevance and relationship.

Those words resonate well for students and staff at Kent Roosevelt High School, located about 10 minutes away from the Kent State University Main Campus.

The high school has undergone some significant changes recently, including technology upgrades in the classroom.

At Kent Roosevelt, through technology funding, they have been able to utilize Chrome books in wireless labs thanks to Technology Director Courtney Baliman.

Another change for the school district has been the recent closing of Franklin Middle School. Due to financial problems and issues with enrollment, the school district had to shut down the middle school.

However, as a result, these cost-saving measures have actually saved the district thousands upon thousands of dollars in finances.

Kent Roosevelt teachers and faculty work hard to make sure students receive a rewarding educational experience. The person responsible for all of this is Head Principal Bob Klinar.

Bob Klinar has been principal of Kent Roosevelt High School for the last three years. And education is something that he believes should be a pleasant experience for all students. Klinar said he wants to be a resource for the school staff and help students achieve educational success.

Just above Klinar is a small group of members of who comprise the Kent Roosevelt School Board. There are five members on the school board: one president (Rebekah Wright-Kulis, owner of a heating and cooling business) one vice president (Ryan Ferrara) and three other board members.

Unlike most school boards who have separate personal agendas, every member works well as a whole. The school board is always hard at work to ensure that the needs of students are addressed.

For the most part, the high school is a safe, caring, fostering environment. With the passing of the school levy in 2012, the school was able to improve surveillance and add a school resource officer. Kent City Police Officer Sarah Berkey acts as the school resource officer, making sure that the school is safe and secure for students.

With recent troubles in other schools regarding safety and surveillance, one can only imagine how intimidating it would be for incoming freshmen.

The Freshmen Connections retreat held before the start of school helps to relieve the anxiety of transition freshmen. Amy Larkin and Kelly Foreman direct the program. Towards the end of the semester, freshmen feel more at ease. That is until they have to take the end-of-course exams and OGT tests.

According to Principal Bob Klinar, one of the key challenges he faces on a day-to-day basis is making sure that the school is achieving in the eyes of education. At the end of the year, the school receives a report card to see how the school is performing academically. Klinar said he puts a high emphasis on students scoring high marks on the state report card.

Higher education and student safety. It’s some of the many reasons why Kent Roosevelt High School stands out among the rest.

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