Alpha Phi Sisters Promoting Heart Health

Alpha Phi Sisters Promoting Heart Health

**Anchor: Ty Sugick**

he ladies of the Alpha Phi Sorority, spent this past weekend raising awareness for heart disease in women. Last week the sisters set up booths, to raise money for The American Heart Association.

They also held multiple events to such as Get Fit with the Phi’s (Ad Lib)

King of Hearts which is a fun event in which other fraternities and sororities join in to help the cause, by performing skits to promote heart health and awareness.

The last and most extravagant event was the 10th annual Red Dress Gala, the ladies and their families hold a fashion show while having dinner.

The Phi’s were very successful at promoting awareness across campus last week. raising over $35,000 to donate to the American Heart Association.

During the Red Dress Gala, some of the sisters spoke out on how exactly this disease effected their lives.


-1-4 women die from heart disease
-#1 Killer in US
-Approx. 1 woman dies from heart disease every minute
-There is a such thing as Broken Heart Syndrome, that can cause -heart attack like symptoms from high emotional stress.
-Women who suffer from heart disease have a 29% more likely chance to have cognitive issues later in life.

7 steps to protect yourself
1.get active
2. Control cholesterol better
4.manage blood pressure
5.lose weight
6.reduce blood sugar
7.stop smoking


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