A Dress to Live For A Cause to Die For

A Dress to Live For A Cause to Die For

Narrator: Ty Sugick


The Ladies of the Alpha Phi sorority, spent this past weekend raising awareness for heart disease in women.

The sisters raised money by hosting events such as, Get Fit with the Phi’s, and King of Hearts.

King of Hearts is a fun event where the fraternities  of Kent’s campus support the cause.

Or, according to show host Gabbie Payne, where the Justin Timberlake’s and Beyonce’s of campus have come to play.

The Red Dress Gala, another event the Phi’s held to raise even more money.

The extravagant event where the ladies and their families had dinner, as some of the sisters shared how heart disease has directly affected them. Followed by a fashion show to cap off the evening.

The sisters raised over $32,000 to donate to the American Heart Association.

Heart Disease is currently the number one killer in the United States, amongst men and women.

For Broadcast Beat Reporting, I am Ty Sugick.



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