Women to men ratio reflected in campus police

Women to men ratio reflected in campus police

Turns out Kent State University is crawling with women. With such a big campus, you might be surprised at just how few men there are at Kent. The campus police department also has a large amount of women on there force in response to these numbers. Lexi Walters spoke with an officer about the differences they’ve noticed with having so many women on campus and on their force. Take a look.


Kent State main campus is home to 28,457 students, making it the second largest university in Ohio. Professor Lauren Odell-Scott teaches a total of 50 students in her Intro to World Religion class.

When this professor looks out at her room of students though, she can’t help but notice the disproportionate ratio of women to men.

It’s not just in this particular class that there are so many females. In fact the ratio on Kent’s main campus is 61% female to 39% male. This is much higher when compared to other universities such as OSU, Cleveland State or even Akron which have nearly a 50/50 ratio.

To be exact, there are 21 women in the Kent Campus Police Department. 9 of those 21 are officers or lieutenants.

I spoke with Michquel Penn, who is both a police officer and community resource officer. Officer Penn gave insight into having so many women on our campus and our police force.

While Officer Penn says there are no challenges to the uneven ratio it does give Kent States police force a different aspect compared to other police departments. For TV2 KSU I’m Lexi Walters.

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