Wilson Inspires Student

Wilson Inspires Student

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As we all know life has its ups and downs. It’s hard to find that courage and motivation.

Courage was right around the corner for Ginette Nervelous, a senior  at Kent State University, and a leader for the Impact organization.

Ginette was raised in a Christian Church, where she learned more about God and the gospel. She knew it was her calling to motivate others to get involve in the gospel.

Nervelous wanted to be around “Real Christians,” not the people who talk about it but who walk it in their daily lives.

Freshman year is when Nervelous met Darnell Wilson, an ambassador for the Impact organization; a man who not only talk the gospel but lives it as well. Darnell seen potential in Nervelous to become a leader for the Impact community.

Speaking with Nervelous, she explains how she never viewed herself as being a leader but being the one who just helps. After being with the Impact organization for 4 years, I ask Ginette how she gets her motivation to lead such a large community. She explains that it’s not about her; it’s about the people and the gospel.

She is thankful for being a leader for the Impact community. Nervelous wants to continue to share the gospel and encourage others like how Wilson encouraged her.

I’m Dominique Freeman for Broadcast Beat Reporting.

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