Weather Warms Groundskeepers

Weather Warms Groundskeepers


Anchor Intro: With spring approaching, the jobs for some university employees has become much easier. Here’s Chip Reid.

As warmer temperatures have finally arrived and only snow that looks like this remains, responsibilities have changed for Kent State’s groundskeepers and it seems like they’re all breathing a sigh of relief.

Heather White is the manager of Kent State’s grounds department.

“It’s definitely easier in terms of shoveling snow, throwing salt, and certainly conditions are much easier. It’s a little mundane just because we’re doing a lot of really, you know, menusha work.”

I’m here on a building on East Summit St. that many people may not be aware of; the university facilities management building, which is the headquarters for the groundskeepers.

Rhonda Wilson who has worked here as a groundskeeper for 18 years, couldn’t be more ready for Spring.

“Well, around this time but, yeah, a little bit warmer. I do work here during the summer.”

(Are you happy it’s not winter?)

“Absolutely, oh yeah, I’m done with winter.”

Here’s something you probably haven’t seen for a while, a pile of leaves. Bagging them is one of the simpler jobs groundskeepers are doing now.

With the first day of Spring coming this week, you can thank these people in green vests for their green habits and keeping our green grass.

For TV2KSU, I’m Chip Reid.

(I had an extension until Wednesday to submit this story because one of my interviews was postponed until Wednesday morning.)



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