The Benefits to Tanning

The Benefits to Tanning

Clients must sign in prior to tanning.

Mikayla Milburn, manager at American Tanning tells us the health benefits of tanning, “a lot of people come in when they have pain in their joints. The heat really helps them.”

Employees that operate tanning beds are required to take an online course educating them on all things tanning.

“I fell just happier especially in the winter with seasonal depression,”

Mikayla Milburn, American Tanning employee
Tanning lotions help clients achieve a safe base color.

Chloe Kramer, an employee at Tan Spa, gives us more detail,
“a lot of customers have psoriasis or eczema and they will come in and dry out the spots. It’s even dermatologist recommended.”

Using a tanning bed can even prepare you when going on vacation.

Milburn said, “especially in the colder months a lot of people will get seasonal depression and start feeling a little down so they come in to get a pick me up.”

Milburn said, “before vacation they like to go to tanning beds to get like a base tan. So that way when they are exposed to that sunlight so like we live in Ohio, and if I go to Florida the rays are very different especially right now in November. So that way their skin is use to the harsher rays.”

Katie Snyder, a client, said, “I go tanning before I go on vacation that way I’m a little bit tan and my skin is sun resistant, and I don’t burn as bad.”

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