Students share First-year Experience

Students share First-year Experience

Anchor Intro: Shower heads could make or break a day for some students at Kent State University. First-year students at KSU experience college life differently. From students having the most upgraded room in residence halls to a room that needs a lot of work. Reporter Amaka Uwagba spoke to a few students and they shared their first year experience in the residence halls.


“I really liked it and i think especially because in Prentice you have to share a bathroom with everyone you get to meet more people in your hall and talk to a lot more people.”

“More people hanging out, nobody hangs out in my dorm and i hate it, i am always in other dorms because of it.”

The first 21 days a freshman is on campus is extremely important, Residence Hall Directors work with the students to ensure they are connecting and making sure they feel welcome to Kent State.

Although most students enjoy their first- year experience on campus there were a few changes students would like to make in the residence halls.

“I think they should try to maybe expand the bathrooms so that there is more because they end up been full a lot, i mean they get cleaned everyday they still get kind of messy.”

Trucker Robinson does not expect so much from KSU because it is just a college and there is only so much to expect.

“I mean it is college it is not going to be the best, but it will be enough for us to live by.”

Residence Hall Director Curtis Clark believes the department works hard to make sure they are listening to students and they continue to work to make sure that the information is brought to their attention when needed.

If students have any complaints they have the opportunity to share the information in the Quality of Life Survey that is sent out each spring.

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