Student Loans an Issue

Student Loans an Issue


Anchor Intro: One of the things most synonymous with a four year college are student loans. Reporter Chip Reid tells shows us how students and the office of financial aid are dealing with their loans.

At Kent State, 3 out of 4 people will take out some sort of student loan before they graduate.

However, the number of graduates who have either yet to pay or are unable to pay their loans is 12% at the university. If the amount reaches 15%, actions, whatever they may be, could be taken by the U.S. Department of Education.

In September 2013, the Department of Education said that they will make it their responsibility “to ensure that students are aware of the flexible income-driven loan repayment options available through Federal Student Aid (FSA), this fall the Department will expand its outreach efforts to struggling borrowers to inform them about the different plans.”

Sophomore Devin Moore has taken loans for each semester in college and he is facing problems similar to many college students. He’s more nervous than confident that he will be able to easily pay off the debt from his loans and he also isn’t too trustworthy of the university’s financial aid office.

As far as trying their best to help students pay their loans, Sylvia Bustard, associate director of the Office of Financial Aid said, “The Department of Ed. has done a lot to directly communicate with students about some of the news opportunities for the repayment plans and they’re really trying to market those aggressively. So, those are  good signs that I am seeing.”


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