Sophomores Went Where?

Sophomores Went Where?

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In April of 2014, many students received an email from the Associate Director of Residence Service, Dr. David Taylor. The email contained information prompting  sophomores to move off campus for the incoming class of 2018. The question is where are these students living now?

Approximately 20 sophomores moved off-campus, these students are now living in off-campus apartments such as: The Province, University Edge, Campus Pointe and University Oaks.

Of all the students asked to move, no one declined. It seems that the sophomores were eager to accommodate the demands of residence services.

I talked with Sophomore Julia Browning, who was eager to move when she received the email to move. She was refunded her 200 dollar housing application fee and also received a 155 dollar credit to her account to use for a commuter parking pass.

Kent gives you the option of living in eight dorms around the campus. Korb and Eastway (The Freshman Experience) are for incoming freshmen only. Korb holds 220 students and Eastway holds 1,024 students. Sophomores are able to move into any dorm of their choice.

Director of Residence Services Jill Church said, “before building more dorms Kent should watch enrollment trends to see if it’s going to be necessary, because to jump and build is not a good business.”

Renovations to Tri-Towers are said to be finished by September 30. A “Renovation Celebration Party” is scheduled for October 15.

For Broadcast Beat Reporting, I’m Aja Phillips.

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