Relay for Life

Relay for Life

Anchor Intro- What event has continued to get bigger at Kent State every year?  The annual Kent State Relay for Life took place last Friday Night into Saturday morning. The event raises money for cancer research and the Hope Lodge. Reporter Andy Mark tells us about an event that is getting bigger in size and importance ever year.


Kent State University held it’s annual Relay for Life that benefits cancer research and the Hope Lodge on Friday 18 starting at 6 p.m. through Saturday April 19 until noon. Students, parents, and cancer survivors walked or ran for as long they could during the continuous 18-hour event. 1, 739 people from 59 different Relay for Life teams attended the event, which has a goal of raising $66,000 by August of 2015. Students say that Relay for Life at Kent State is always very emotional and inspirational at the same time.

Dan Hoye was the leader of the Catholic Student Association Relay for Life team. Dan talked about how is family was affected by cancer and what Relay for Life means to him.

“My grandfather died from lung cancer. He died when I was very young. My girlfriend’s cousin and her aunt also passed from cancer. I think it’s exciting to see all of the people here banning together to try an put an end to cancer.” says Dan.

Many of the students who attend Relay for Life find it very emotional and gut wrenching because a lot of them have had a personal or family experience dealing with cancer. Then there are the students who find it very inspirational to come together and raise money for a disease that affects so many people around the world every single day.

Kayla Titko is a Senior on the Catholic Student association’s Relay for Life team and this is his her third time attending the Kent State Relay for Life. Kayla believes it is extremely powerful when people come together as one and raise money for cancer research.

“I believe that these people coming together shows the strength in numbers. It shows the support that we have for people who have gone through the battle and the struggle and it also shows the support in trying to find new research so we can cure cancer.” Says Kayla.

The total amount of money raised was $58,000 for cancer research and the Hope Lodge. The message that was conveyed during the 18-hour event was that one day with enough support and volunteers maybe researchers will find a cure for cancer and until then we will all keep fighting for it.

For TV2 KSU, I’m Andy Mark.



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