Recyclemania Helps Students be Green

Recyclemania Helps Students be Green

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Kent State University encourages students, faculty and staff to recycle. Every year during the spring semester there is a competition that goes on between the residence halls on campus regarding how much each hall can recycle the most. The leading hall gets a grand prize of two-hundred dollars. This competition is called Recyclemania. But the main question is do students really know what Recyclemania means?


Subjective Track

“I just never have heard of it, I feel like maybe our RA should let us know about it.”

“I think everybody should be aware. I mean not having any idea, i recycle everyday, i recycle my things but i don’t know that there is a competition for it and maybe a competition will help and get people more motivated to recycle.”

Stand up

The eight week event is a tournament that not only includes residence halls but also includes Kent State University and University of Akron. The competition is based on what schools recycles the most per capita.


Kent State has never lost the Recyclemania competition. In fact he university has won five times in a row. And every time Kent State wins they get a plaque called the Bargain Wheel; a trophy made out of recyclable materials. Christopher Trankersley Assistant Director of Residential Facilities thinks it is a good program.

Subjective track

“It is just something we are trying to get awareness more, helps students understand the little bit of effort they have to take to recycle really does make a difference on a campuses size. ”

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Recyclemania will be over March 29th till then we have to wait and see if Kent State take the trophy again. For TV2KSU am Amaka Uwagba.

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