Police prepare for “Fake Patty’s” day in Kent

Police prepare for “Fake Patty’s” day in Kent

The real world might celebrate St. Patrick’s day on March 17, but the college scene in Kent gets their celebration started a little early. Students go out for what they call “Fake Patty’s Day” the Saturday before. With this celebration going on, Lexi Walters tells us what the campus police will be doing in preparation. Take a look



Here, is a relatively quiet College street on a weekday. This street is just yards away from Kent State’s campus. But come Saturday there will be many more students enjoying what they call “Fake Patty’s Day” here.

Houses will be having parties, registered through Kent PD and people will be wandering the streets starting very early morning. Jake Chapman, a student here, has registered a party of his own Saturday.

SOT: Yeah, I don’t know, we’re trying to be a little calm this year cause just past years people getting in trouble so were just trying to avoid that at all cost.

STANDUP: With these fun festivities on College Street though, comes concerns. Things such as excessive drinking, the dangers that come with it and arrests are a part of that.

For instance, the current construction zone on college street where they’re expanding the campus. It large holes in the ground that could pose some worry. So, how will situations such as this be kept under control?

Kent State Campus Lieutenant Joe Hendry told me what he was expecting out of this weekend and how Kent’s campus police are preparing.

SOT:I hope really drunk people don’t try and climb over the construction fence. The area is pretty well marked and sectioned off that you’d have to go out of your way to get inside there. But really we’re not dealing with anything like we usually are like sometimes with the springtime party or ya know the Halloween celebration, it’s just not at that level.

With the campus and Kent police looking out for students on the streets this weekend, Hendry says there should be no issues as long as students have fun and are responsible. For TV KSU I’m Lexi Walters.

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