New Building Celebrates

New Building Celebrates

Anchor Intro: Today was a special event here at the university. It isn’t everyday that a new building opens and it certainly isn’t everyday that its opening was celebrated in this way. Reporter Chip Reid shares with us the grand opening.


Today at 12 o’clock, the Center for Undergraduate Excellence hosted their “B-B Cue” and everyone was welcome to attend.  The party was a stop along Kent State president Beverly Warren during her inauguration week.

“I think she’s a really down to earth president. She’s just always there at these events, is very approachable, students love her, staff is very impressed by her, she’s done a great job so far,” Brent Robinson, the building’s Director of Academic Success, said.

The celebration took place indoors and outdoors and those present could enjoy free food at the outdoor B-B cue and take a tour to see what the unfamiliar center has to offer.

Perhaps the biggest spectacle was the live DJ and music in the common area where people could boogie and showcase their dance moves.

“You know, as faculty you’re expected to come to some of these events but the students (they) don’t have to. So, seeing them being involved and coming on their own fruition was great,” Mike Yako, a graduate student employed by the center, said.

So how fitting is it that a brand new president helps introduce a brand new building? As a new era starts for Dr. Warren,  the Center for Undergraduate Excellence now starts to make its mark for many years to come.







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