Mr. Bozeman speech

Mr. Bozeman speech

Anchor Intro

Clarence Bozeman, former driver of Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech at Kent State University Wednesday evening. In 1958 as a college student in Alabama State University he won the job of been the personal driver of Martin Luther King. From 1958 to 1959 Bozeman drove Dr. King and his wife to speech engagements in Alabama. The retired Maple Heights school teacher shared his experience with students.



As you can see behind me students are eager to know more about Mr. Bozeman. He not only drove Mr & Mrs King and their two children he also picked up students from the university and drove them to Dexter Avenue Baptist church plus picking up senior citizens. He did all of this for $6 a week and once in a while was paid $10 to $20 for extra trips.


Students defiantly took away something positive from Mr. Bozeman.

Closing track

At the end of the speech students were able to ask questions and learn more about Mr. Bozeman.  For TV2KSU i am Amaka Uwagba.

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