More women on Kent State Police force

More women on Kent State Police force


With more than 22,000 students, Kent State University is one of the ten largest universities in Ohio.


Of those 22,000 61% of those students are female and only 39 are male. This ration is much more steep than schools such as Ohio state who have about a 50/50 ratio.


Not only is Kent’s student body dominated by females but this ratio is also reflected in Kent State’s campus police department. With several women on their force they have one of the highest amount off women in their department compared to other campus police and even city police departments.

Being primarily a male dominated field, having so many women on their police force may create a different dynamic within the department.

Along with the dynamic differences, and elevated ratio of women to men, Kent State Police are an award winning department, receiving many accolades over the years. They continue their training throughout the year to improve themselves as a unit.

For broadcast beat reporting I’m Lexi Walters.

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