Majoring in Religion Studies

Majoring in Religion Studies


I’m here inside Bowman Hall just outside the College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate advising offices, and just inside those offices is the office of Professor David Odell-Scott. Professor Odell-Scott is an Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and he coordinates the Religion studies program here at Kent State University.

I talked to Professor Odell-Scott on January 26 for a little under an hour, and he told me about a new major that will be available in the fall of 2015. Religions Studies students here at Kent State will be able to major in Religion studies with the focus of the program being on classical languages.

Now the program itself will include course work from classical languages, philosophy, history, political science, and many other departments. The major will be an inter-disciplinary program combining many classes and programs together to form the new major.

The program will still be offered as a minor that is currently under revision, and now for the first time as a major in the fall of 2015. The minor focuses mainly on comparative and integrative programs while the new major will focus on classical languages.

I’m Andy Mark for Broadcast Beat reporting.




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