Magic within an RA

Magic within an RA


There are multiple benefits of living in residence halls but there is a particular benefit that 200 students would like to have, and that is cutting their tuition in half by getting free room and board, and a stipend.

Randal Brown is one of the 200 students at Kent State University who is hoping to be a Residence Assistant for the year 2015-2016.

” I think working with people from all different walks of life will just better me as a person and help me more in my field of work,” Brown said.

An RA’s primary goal is to be there as a resource to support the students and their academic success for Kent State. RA’s plan events on the floors that work with the residence, and making students feel comfortable in their new home.

“Dealing with a freshman, they are afraid they don’t know what college holds for them, and they just need that Linus blanket, and it is going to be ok,” Brown said.

There are currently 148 RA’s on campus, the staff ranges from 8 to 17. This year the department will hire 60 to 65 new RA’s depending on how many students are coming back.

Hall Director of Fletcher hall and Manchester hall Curtis Clark said “It is very important that we have our RA’s here on campus and the residence halls, to not only support success but also respond to crisis situations.”

There are a few steps a student has to do before becoming an RA: attending different work shops, writing an essay, uploading a resume and cover letter and gathering required references.

“It is really hard work you have to focus, you have to put your all into it,” said Brown.

Ms. Brown received a phone call from the department and she got the job of becoming an RA. She will be staying in Beall or McDowell hall next school year.





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