KSU adds Masters of Fashion

KSU adds Masters of Fashion

The Kent State University Fashion School is doing something no school has done before. TV2’s Alexa Maslowski has more on the story.

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Kent State University’s Fashion School is often listed in the top five Fashion schools in the United States. Now the school is doing something no other fashion school has done before.


KSU announced a Masters of Fashion program to begin classes in the Fall of 2014. It will be a 30 credit hour program that focuses on Fashion as an industry, rather than splitting it up into design and merchandising like in an undergraduate degree. KSU Fashion professor, Catherine Leslie said, “We’re looking at fas

hion as an industry, as a socio-psychological phenomenon, as a business.”

We’re looking at fashion as an industry, as a socio-psychological phenomenon, as a business. -Catherine Leslie

Many believe that this unique program will draw even more students to Kent State and the Fashion School, Like Sophomore Fashion Merchandising Major, Sami Ruckh who said, “ I think this will take our program to the next level, it will show that students are more serious about the industry that they’re entering,” and even though Sami is only a Sophomore, she plans to apply for the program her senior year to make herself look better to future employers. Leslie hopes the addition will bring up the profile of the school in the United States and in the World.

Each year the school will accept anywhere from 10 to 15 applicants into the program and have ten graduate assistant openings. Applications have closed and board members are in the process of selecting their first class of graduate students.

Because this program is unchartered territory, it leaves room for students to do “anything they want,” according to Leslie, “we’re trying to give people tools that they can enter the industry at a higher level job, and to be able to something for fashion in the United States.

According to KSU’s Fashion School home page, the school “seeks highly motivated students with a keen commitment to practitioner research in emerging domains of fashion.”



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