Kent Parking Meters

Kent Parking Meters

Anchor: The weather has delayed some projects around Kent, including new parking meters to help local businesses. Reporter Alexandrea Rehner has more.


VO:If you frequent downtown Kent you might see this scene more around town. Even with free parking scattered around Kent, thees signs are what most patrons have to deal with. To help the parking situation the city of Kent has taken to installing more parking meters in an effort to help businesses regulate parking. But how do local patrons feel? I spoke to Doug Marcom, patron at Fresco Mexican Grill, for his perspective.

SOT: “It’s a bummer cuz’…you know being able to come in and find a spot without having to pay is obviously an ideal situation. I’ve gotten parking tickets before for leaving my car there an extra five minutes and that’s kind of a bummer so…”

Stand Up: Like Doug, some downtown regulars might not be to excited about the new parking meters. But how do local business owners feel about the new installations still to come?

VO: With local businesses in mind, I spoke with retail store Carnaby Street for their take on the new meter.

SOT:”I hope it won’t effect us poorly. I don’t think that it would. So I think we’ll stay probably about the same.”

VO:And some businesses owners are still waiting with bated breath. Like Rise and Shine cafe owner Karen Laken, on the effect of the meters outside her doors.

SOT: ” Well I’m on the fence about it right now. I haven’t decided if it’ll be a good thing for business or a bad thing. Cuz’ right now I know people don’t like having to park at the garage and walk to begin with. I’m hoping that it will help, but we’re waiting to see what happens.”

VO:For now downtown goers can still take advantage of free street parking with installation being held off until better weather breaks this March. For Tv2 KSU, I’m Alexandrea Rehner.

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