Kent expands coverage

Kent expands coverage

Last week the city of Kent signed a contract with Brady Lake. Now the contract goes into effect. Reporter Cory York has more.

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It’s begun… Thursday starts the new contract between city of Kent and Brady Lake Village. Kent is now responsible for all fire and EMS calls for the village. Receiving four to five calls per year… the village decided to dissolve the volunteer fire station and outsource all fire duties. Kent City Council voted unanimously to approve the contract earlier in the month. The city is expecting to generate 17,000 dollars in revenue for the city… But Fire Chief John Tasko says that’s just enough to cover expenses. Expanding coverage requires more money and a larger staff. This is causing Tasko new ways to fund the department.

“Well it is no secret we are trying to expand the department. We have not hired any additional personnel in years. Our call volume has gone up tremendously in the last 20 years. We have been fairly stagnant in staffing.”

The contract valid through September 2015 and is expected to be renewed annually. Reporting for TV2, I’m Cory York.

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