Keeping Faith Alive

Keeping Faith Alive

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My beat is KSU students’s and religious life.

Darnell Wilson , an ambassador and field coach for “The Impact Movement”. An organization where students gather together to empower each other and to learn about Jesus Christ.

Wilson,who have been an ambassador and field coach for 5 years helps KSU students keep their faith not only during their college years but for eternity!

Darnell,who finds motivation behind the Impact Movement , which started with only 3 to 4 members and is now a world wide organization.

The Impact Movement lives by one mission and that is to take the truth of Jesus Christ to the campus, community and the world by producing leaders who are spiritually focused , financially responsible, and morally fit.

During the semester the Impact have several events such as a spoken word and dramatic presentation . They also have meetings every Tuesday in the student center to have social night.

The big event which all the KSU students look forward to the “Remedy” where people come from all across the world to share their faith with others and to talk about Jesus Christ .

He has no plans of slowing down, he has high hopes and dreams for the Impact Movement community. He sees it moving leaders to help spread the world about Jesus Christ.

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