Home Rehabilitation Program

Home Rehabilitation Program


With the winter chill still at our door, some kent residents might be feeling the pressure to keep the cold out.

Like this home on Ivan drive that needed extensive repairs to the roof, windows, and furnace. But money was tight and it was only getting colder.

See like many in this area this homeowner was living on a limited income.

Based on a survey by the Department of Housing and Urban Development fifty seven percent of Portage County residents, including Kent , are living below the area median income.

That breaks down to a household of four living off an annual income of roughly $31000 and lower.

So where can Kent residents turn to make these needed home improvements?

The Kents community development department has a solution.

For years the CDD has offered programs such as the owner occupied housing rehabilitation program.

A program that offers a deffered loan to homeowners to make the necessary improvements and pay the city back once the house is sold or transferred.

Thanks to this program and others like it, the city of Kent is making sure it’s residents aren’t left out in the cold.

For broadcast beat reporting. I’m Alexandrea Rehner.

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