Happy Early Thanksgiving

Happy Early Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner and students heading home to their families; Eastway at Kent State prepares you for an early feast. TV2’s Aja Phillips has the story. . .

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This Thursday is Thanksgiving, the beginning of the Holiday.

Although we sometimes forget it, the Thanksgiving holiday is actually about more than just a long weekend and engaging ourselves on turkey and mashed potatoes.

Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

Yes, this pilgrims-and-Indians holiday is also about reflecting on the things in our lives that make us happy and keep us going.

Most students go home for Thanksgiving break, but for those who stay in the dorms, Thanksgiving break can be a long few days for those who are not able to spend it with their families.

Dining Service Worker, Victoria Emanuel says, “preparing this food for the Pilgrim Party gets me excited to go home and be with my family to prepare the same foods.”

Celebrate for your first Thanksgiving of the year at Kent State on Nov. 19. Eastway is hosting a Pilgrim Party between 4:30P.M. and 8P.M.

Junior, Hannah Kelling attended the Pilgrm Party with her intramural ultimate sports team that she considered her home away from home.

Kelling say, “I didn’t know I was actually attending this event but I’m glad to be here with these awesome people I call friends.”

Thanksgiving is intended to be about gratitude. A day of gratitude. Thank God there is a day for us to focus on being grateful.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Family? Friends? Health?

Also, don’t forget about the sales that happen on Thanksgiving and the day after on Black Friday! There are some great deals at all the shopping stores.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the holiday with your loved ones. I’m Aja Phillips for TV2 News.

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