Hair Salon Health

Hair Salon Health

Changing your hair color, something many of us do or have done at some point in our life time. The next decision is to get it done professionally or do it yourself at home.

“I’ve had my hair box dyed in the past like when I was younger and just wanted to switch it up,” Piper Mathews, whose used box dye and professional color.

Hair color samples out on display for customers at Cosmoprof.

“Box dye obviously and professional hair color are two very different things. Taylor Penird, cosmetologist at Accentrix Spa and Salon. Box dye first of all has a lot of more chemicals in it, so a lot more things that are gonna strip your hair of nutrients, of moisture, even the color that tends to live in your hair. It tends to strip off and deposit new color which is super damaging.”

“As I got older I wanted to go to the salon and get things done professionally and I had a really good experience doing that.”

Piper Mathews, client

Without hair health in mind, it’s easy to stray away from salons due to the high pricing.

“At cosmoprof you buy things at whole sale price,” Bethany Lewis, a cosmetologist explains. “So for example I buy hair color at nine dollars a tube, when you go to the salon you’re going to pay the service where some places start around fifty to seventy five dollars just depending on how much product they need to use.”

Taylor Penird demonstrates curling her hair. A service her salon provides after a coloring.

To avoid salon costs, you can get more upscale products at Sally Beauty Supply. Its open to the public and not just cosmetologist and their products are better for your wallet and your hair.

“At Sally’s they have similar products that cosmoprof has, they’re just not as high quality,” Lewis said.

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