Future teachers receive ALICE training

Future teachers receive ALICE training

It’s no secret that the danger of a school shooting is prevalent within any community today. We see on the news too often attacks all over the country. The good news is there is now a way to prepare to defend yourself from these occurrences. ALICE training is being  taught to all future teachers coming out of Kent State as a response program to active shooters in the classroom. Reporter Lexi Walters attended one training session to see what it’s about.


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Every semester, these soon to be school teachers at Kent State take many class. But, this class is unique and the students will walk away with more than just textbook information. Today, Kent State police officer Joe Hendry gives these students a hands-on, ALICE training course. He engages them on a grim, but realistic topic of an active shooter in the classroom.


So what is ALICE training? It’s acronym stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate. Its purpose is to prepare people, teachers in this case, to handle the threat of an active shooter and it is the leading program for response to these attacks.

Officer Hendry has prepared nearly forty thousand people over his 6 years with the institute for an all too possible situation of a shooter.

Back at the station, Hendry tells us about what he hopes students get out of his training.

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STANDUP : In 2014 alone, law enforcement reported there to be 60 school shootings in the United States. This number comes out to nearly shooting 1 per week, in classrooms, just like this one.

Education professor Angela Backus is trained herself in ALICE.

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Kent has been training soon to be teachers in ALICE for some time now. But more recently, incoming freshmen are now required to go through the training session. Because of this, all students on Kent’s campus will be prepared in the face of an active shooter.

For TV2 KSU I’m Lexi Walters.



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