Freshmen Overcrowd Kent

Freshmen Overcrowd Kent

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I’m standing inside Korb Hall where residence services is located. In April sophomore level students were asked to move off campus for the 2014-2015 school year to accommodate incoming freshman as well as international students.

I spoke with the Director of Residence Services, Jill Church and she stated they seek out 80 percent of admissions goals when it comes to housing. This year she was unaware of that goal.

She closed the housing application as early as February in 2014. She had to offer at least 20 to 30 students parking passes or credits to their accounts for moving off campus. This is not something she wanted to do necessarily but it had to be done.

Renovations are happening as we speak to certain dorms around the campus. Could they be adding more space?

The admissions rate increases higher and higher each year, which leaves students with limited to no housing.

How can we stop this issue from reoccurring in upcoming years? Keep and eye out for the new and improved dorms. For Broadcast Beat, I’m Aja Phillips.

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