Fashion minority group helps fashion students

Fashion minority group helps fashion students

Kent State has a lot of diverse organizations on campus, some of which helps excel students’ learning at the university. The Fashion School at Kent State has their own minority fashion group that gives students a chance to shine. TV2’s Alexis Oswald has the story of one student’s experience with this fashion forward group.

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Kent State brings a lot of diversity to its campus through its many student organizations, some being attached to certain schools within the university.

One such organization is MODISTA: Minority Fashion Group, which is exactly what it says, a minority fashion group with the Fashion School at Kent State.

MODISTA was started a few years ago by some of the Fashion School alumni who felt some fashion students weren’t being represented. It currently has 200 members from all different backgrounds, and anyone is able to join.

I love it and I know when I was younger I just knew that’s what I wanted to do.

–Breona Long, Sophomore Fashion Merchandising Major.

Schae Coakley, Marketing Coordinator for MODISTA, said the group brings a lot of diversity.

“We’re welcoming minority students as well as any other students, international students, other students we have on campus, to come and pretty much have like a hangout place, so we’re embracing the cultures, the different various cultures we have on campus,” Coakley said.

MODISTA puts on an annual Fashion Show and goes on an annual trip to New York City every year, giving students involved a lot of opportunities.

Breona Long, a sophomore fashion merchandising major, is involved with MODISTA and has wanted to be in fashion from a young age.

“I really couldn’t see myself doing anything else. I like it, well actually I love it and I know when I was younger I just knew that’s what I wanted to do,” Long said.

Long has already taken advantage of the annual MODISTA fashion show and New York City, and she knows that with the group’s help she’s done a lot more than most.

“I did a fashion show, and I did the make-up, and I think that helped me, when I walk around campus and people are like oh you did the make-up for MODISTA right? So it like helped me gain friends,” Long said.

Breona Long, Sophomore Fashion Merchandising Major at Kent State
Breona Long talks about being a member of MODISTA.

And Coakley says that MODISTA helps fashion students with their overall experience at Kent State.

“I think that the organization is a good outlet for you to come and just you know explore the possibilities of what you can do with your major, things you can learn about, get some experience have you know the time to connect with other fashion students in the program,” Coakley said.

MODISTA helps many fashion students gain experience in an industry that needs all the experience it can get, and it goes to show that Kent State’s variety of organizations help many students excel later in life.

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