CSA Formal Night

CSA Formal Night

Anchor Intro- Whoever knew dancing could raise money for cancer research. The Catholic Student Association held their Second Annual Formal dance on the last Saturday of February that benefited Relay for Life. Andy Mark has the story on this fun and important night.


What better way is there to raise money for cancer then with a dance? Many student organizations here at Kent State will run April 17th and 18th for 18 hours at the Kent State University Relay for Life. The Catholic Student Association decided to put all of their proceeds earned at their February 28 CSA Formal Dance towards their CSA Relay for Life Fundraising. The fundraising money goes to Kent State Relay for Life.

Lindsay Jespersen likes to have fun at dance like anyone else, but she also realizes the importance of giving back. Lindsay put together the CSA Formal and she thinks the dance is just a small reward in fundraising for Relay for Life.

“I mean having the proceeds got to relay is are kind or our main concern. Having a super fun night is just an extra bonus.”

I’m here inside the University Parish here at Kent State where the second annual Catholic Student Association Formal was held last Saturday night. The formal was similar to a high school prom. All of the money raised went towards the CSA’s Relay for Life team.

Nicole Sauter did a lot more then just attend the CSA Formal for a good time. Nicole helped bring together Relay for Life and the Catholic Student association. Nicole is on the Kent State Relay for Life team, and she helped form the CSA Relay for Life team. She explained that the event is very special to her, and that Relay for Life has affected her personally as well.

“And I 100 percent believe it really does go to a wonderful cause. My father had it as well as all of my grandparents.”

The dance raised nearly 200 hundred dollars for Relay for Life. Go to relayforlife.org for more information.

For TV2 KSU, I’m Andy Mark.





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