CSA Bake Night

CSA Bake Night

Anchor Intro- How do you usually spend your Sunday night? Students in the Catholic Student Association spent their Sunday night cutting fruit and baking goods. The fruit and baked goods actually go to a very important cause. Reporter Andy Mark has the story about a different type of café then most are use to.


The second annual Caritas Cafe’ bake night was held this past Sunday night right after the 8 o’clock mass at the University Parish Newman Center kitchen. Students in the Catholic Student Association made various fruit cups, and healthy baked goods that are given to the Catholic Charities of Portage and Stark Counties.

The fruit cups and baked goods where served to anyone who comes to the Caritas Cafe’. The café is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and is free to the public. Volunteers from the Immaculate Conception Parish Church in Ravenna serve the food every morning. CSA students are indirectly helping those who need it the most.

Nicole Sauter organized the bake night for second time and she believes in helping people who can’t get food of their own.

“ It’s for people who need it. Whether that is elderly people in need of company or people who are alone and need a company. It can even range to people that are in poverty, that just need that extra meal.“ says Nicole.

“The bake night here inside the Newman Center kitchen was also a way for students to come together and have fun while also making food for a nice cause.”

Lindsay Jespersen is a sophomore in the CSA and she is very happy that students can come together and have fun baking goods.

“Oh yeah, absolutely. I love the fact that where all coming together to cook for the community. I think it’s a really cool thing. We all get to bond together over a little bake night and we also get to serve our community so I think it’s really cool.” Says Lindsay.

The 50 cups of fruit, three-dozen baked goods and one loaf of banana bread made by CSA students where delivered on Monday morning to the Caritas Cafe’ in Ravenna.

For TV2 KSU, I’m Andy Mark.


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