Avi Interfaith Shabbat

Avi Interfaith Shabbat

 Anchor Lead- Last Friday the Hillel at Kent State University held an event that is not well none outside of religious communities, but inside the communities is grabbing people’s attention quickly and opening up new possibilities. Reporter Andy Mark has the story on this new type of religious gathering.


Students from the Muslim Student Association do their evening prayer as others watch at the 4th annual Avi Interfaith Shabbat.  The event brought together Jewish students from the Hillel at Kent State, Muslim students from the Muslim Student Association and students from United Christian Ministries. The event was primarily ran and put together by students while only parts where lead by Rabbi Lee Moore who spoke to me about what occurred during the event.

“ Three young women gave a presentation on Islam. Then we lit candles, we hand a candle lighting. After that there was a short Muslim prayer. After that we went upstairs and had our typical Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat service and then after that we followed it up with a home-cooked meal. After the meal, then we had a discussion.”

I’m here inside the upstairs of the Hillel at Kent State University where the traditional Kabbalat Jewish Shabbat service was conducted during the Interfaith Shabbat. This is also where the home-cooked meal was served after the service.  Following the meal was a discussion on the project #ksuquestion where Rabbi Lee said about 25-30 students where asked the question. How do we connect with others who are very different from ourselves?

Rabbi Lee said, quote  “It was an excellent discussion.” I also asked Rabbi Lee her thoughts on Interfaith gatherings and if the event will return next year.

“ It think it’s really important work and it doesn’t necessarily happen every week on this campus. For sure, yeah. Especially after such a successful year as this.”

The Avi Interfaith Shabbat honored former Brown University student Avi Schaefer. For TV2 KSU, I’m Andy Mark.




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